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Inferyx Analytics Platform

Today every organization is facing the Data Lake challenge of managing and processing terabytes of data within their ecosystem. These challenges arise from various areas of data processing like data ingestion, integration, quality, analytics etc.

Inferyx Analytics Platform helps overcome these challenges by keeping a track of what’s happening in the ecosystem through its unified metadata catalog across various processing modules like Data Discovery, Data Profiling, Data Quality, Data Reconciliation, Data Preparation, Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics. Tracking metadata about the data is the only way to succeed through this complex ecosystem and our platform captures information at every step of the process during the life cycle of an application.

The platform is designed to run on a distributed computing architecture like Hadoop and Spark frameworks. It allows end users to define business rules, create predictive models, navigate the metadata with advance graph libraries and perform computations at extreme scale and speed on a low cost commodity hardware.


Large Scale Analytics

Powered on In-Memory Spark engine which can process large volumes of data ranging in terabytes at speed and at a much lower operational cost than traditional platforms.

Interactive Model Development

Interactively develop and deploy predictive models without writing any code and completely abstracting the underlying technology and its complexities.

Integrated User Experience

Single platform to perform various functions of data management and predictive analytics. Leverage and collaborate across user communities.

Better Auditability & Governance

Provides end to end audit of various activities happening with in the ecosystem. Keeps Enterprise in compliance and provides detailed reporting to support audit processes.

Data Lineage with Metadata

Information that enables users to perform end to end data lineage and help understand the relationships between the data elements across applications within the ecosystem .

Advanced Data Visualization

Analyze complex data structures and their relationships using advanced data visualization lib and discover new patterns in data resulting in better insights.

Cloud Ready Platform

Deploy in cloud or on-premise using commodity hardware to reduce the overall cost, increase performance and scale on demand.

100% Open Source Technologies

Built using open source community softwares which keeps the cost low, provides more flexibility and leverages knowledge across the open source community.